Flight Emissions — Can I Afford to Fly?

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Airplanes require a large amount of energy to fly. They use fossil fuels and burn it in our in the atmosphere. This causes substantial environmental damage.

In 2018, the German Environment Agency estimated the damage of greenhouse gas emissions at cost of $200 per ton of CO2.


Would you still take an airplane if you had to pay the real price?

Remember, someone has to repair the damage to our environment. If you don’t do it, it might be your own children.

Scroll down to learn how much flying would cost you at $200 per ton of CO2 👇

The Cost of Flying

  1. Enter “Departure” airport
  2. Enter “Arrival” airport
  3. Learn how much you would have to pay for a roundtrip at a carbon price of $200

What Now?


It is up to you to take action now.

You can ignore what you learnt here and keep going as usual.

But when you plan your next vacation, business trip, or want to visit your family—think twice if you would still go if you had to pay the real price.

If you do take an airplane, consider donating the amount from this calculator to a climate compensation organization.

We recommend atmosfair from Germany. This calculator is based on their work.

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